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Privacy policy and cookies

The website shall not collect any information by default, except for information contained in cookies. Cookies constitute IT data, in particular text files stored on the data terminal equipment of the Website User intended for the use of the Website pages. Cookies usually contain the name of the webpage that they come from, the duration of their storage on the data terminal equipment, and a unique number.

The entity storing cookies on the Website User's device and accessing them shall be PartnersPol Group Sp. z o.o. Cookies are used to:

  • adjust the contents of the Website’s pages to the User’s preferences as well as to optimise the use of web pages; in particular, such files allow the equipment of the Website User to be recognised and the display of the website to be adjusted accordingly to meet the User’s individual needs;
  • create statistics that enable the way web pages are used by Website Users to be understood, which allows their structure and content to be improved;

This Website uses persistent cookies. Persistent cookies shall be stored on the User’s data terminal equipment for the period determined in the cookies' parameters or until they are removed by the User.

The following types of cookies shall be created by the PartnersPol’s Website:

  • __utmz  – Persistent –  Stores information on the source of traffic to our website (Google Analytics)
  • __utma  – Persistent  –  Stores information on the number of views by a particular user (Google Analytics)
  • __utmb  – Persistent  –  Stores the visit duration/time spent on the website (Google Analytics)
  • __utmc  – Session  –  Stores the visit duration/time spent on the website (Google Analytics)

In many cases the software used for web-browsing (web browser) stores cookies by default in the User’s data terminal equipment. Website Users may change the cookie settings at any time. Such settings may be changed, in particular, so as to disable cookies in the web browser settings or to inform the User each time cookies are saved in the Website User’s data terminal equipment. Detailed information on the ability to use cookies and the manner in which they are managed shall be contained in the software (web browser) settings.
Please be informed that restrictions on the use of cookies may affect certain functions on Website pages.