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Services / Warehousing

Efficient organisation, experience in the broad area of logistics, and the skilful use of the most modern operational strategies allow us to provide warehousing services at the highest level. We provide our clients with full support, both in the form of our top-quality and wide range of warehousing services, to fully meet individual expectations.
Cooperation with the PartnersPol Group will deliver cost optimisation and the ability to take advantage of professional support.

Our warehousing space is available in several locations across Poland. At present, we have at our disposal more than 80,000 square metres of space, which means we can provide all our clients with proper servicing and the necessary room for the storage of products.

Within the Warehousing PartnersPol Group offers:

  • complex loading and unloading, storage;
  • high storage, standard, and drive-in systems are available up to a capacity of 1,200 kg;
  • quantity and quality control during unloading;
  • modern work tools:
    • electrical lifters used for high storage systems,
    • IT systems with an interface for the client,
    • TRACK&TRACE – room mapping and pallet traceability,
    • product management in accordance with FIFO or FEFO principles and/or other client requirements,
    • possibility of data identification in accordance with GS1 standards,
    • reporting;
  • loading of homogeneous or mixed pallets and/or single cardboard boxes;
  • bonded warehouse; and
  • 24-hour security.

Modern outsourcing of warehousing services means not only the availability of space in attractive locations, but also a wide range of advisory and analytical services adjusted to the client’s needs, including:

  • warehouse location concept;
  • storage process design and analysis; and
  • assistance in cost optimisation.

Thanks to the flexible operating hours of our premises, it is possible to receive shipments at any time. This allows shipment preparation time to be minimised and enables better reaction to urgent orders.