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Services / Cleaning service



In response to market needs, with the view to companies involved in food production or their sales, logistic companies, pharmaceutical companies where the quality and sanitary regulations require constant care and cleaning of pallets or containers used for transport, in storage area or in use by a customer, Partnerspol Group created a new, brand service.


We offer a wide range of activities as part of our cleaning service:

  • Special washing of plastic containers height up to 300 mm.
  • Special washing of plastic pallets max 1200x1200 mm.
  • Plastic pallets ans plastic containers service.
  • Storage of pallets and plastic containers.
  • Possibility to issue a document confirming washing containers / pallets that meet the required conditions.
  • Transport of used plastic pallets / containers from and to the customer.

Partnerspol Group' wash and service of plastic pallet and plastic containers is located in central part of Poland, in Łowicz.

PartnersPol Group' wash is working on the modern washing tunel. Modular construction enables the process pre-cleaning and multi-cycle main wash, thanks to this maximum efficency is achieved ( 120 pallets/h). The main advantage of the machine is the economical setting that is aimed to minimize the consumption of water, energy and detergents.



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