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Services / Domestic transport

Domestic transport services provided by our Partners include:

  • shipping services throughout Poland;
  • full-load and half-load shipments;
  • shipment of general cargo as part of the door-to-door system;
  • delivery vehicles of the following types: tarpaulin semi-trailers, isothermal semi-trailers, and coolers;
  • flexibility and minimum delivery deadlines;
  • an experienced team of freight forwarders;
  • long-term cooperation with selected carriers;
  • individual solutions compliant with the Client’s needs; and
  • monitoring of deliveries.

We have more than 400 vehicles at our disposal. Thanks to our diverse transportation fleet, our efficient and professional service, and our experience in the transport industry, we guarantee security, reliability, and timely delivery. We offer tailored logistics projects for shipments that require specialist solutions due to their size, weight, or specific carriage. Transport rates are calculated and adjusted to each client.