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Services / International transport

We perform transport orders throughout Europe. We always adjust international transport services to our clients’ individual expectations, taking care to ensure the timely performance of orders and the full security of shipments. We also offer international shipping services with respect to the carriage of hazardous materials. This is possible thanks to both properly prepared vehicles and the professional qualifications and experience of our drivers. Our services come at attractive prices tailored to individual orders.

Our offer of international transport services includes:

  • full-load and half-load shipments;
  • "groupage", i.e. grouping shipments in order to reduce transit costs;
  • transport of hazardous materials (ADR);
  • provision of customs services with respect to goods;
  • timely delivery and security of carried goods;
  • the individual support of the assigned advisor/freight forwarder;
  • maritime and air transport.

The PartnersPol Group provides full-load, half-load, shipments of general cargo, and special shipments as well as express deliveries, in particular to and from: Italy, France, England, Greece, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Turkey, Russia, and the Balkans. Transports to and from Italy constitutes almost 60% of orders per year.

Close cooperation with logistics operators in all of the above countries and the network of regular shuttles enable the provision of comprehensive carriage services. Our clients have the possibility to group shipments from different sources, repack them, and ship them all to the same specified destination. We always meet the projected delivery time and cost parameters.

Thanks to our cooperation with logistics partners specialising in maritime and air transport, the PartnersPol Group is able to guarantee worldwide shipping services.

An experienced team of specialists, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is responsible for the security of entrusted shipments, their timely delivery, and the highest quality of performance. Language barriers are not a problem for us. Our freight forwarders are proficient in a number of languages, including English, Italian, and Russian.